Biography Born 1948
1976-1980 Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)
1966-1970 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Awards and Honors 
2015 Images 2015 Honorable Mention, Guilford, CT
2014 Images 2014 First Honors, Guilford, CT, Jurors Adriana Letorney, William Meyers, Steve Smith
2012 Connecticut Artist Fellowship recipient, Connecticut Office of the Arts
2011 Art of the Northeast, Silvermine Arts Center, Steven Madwed Photography Prize, New Canaan, CT, Juror Tom Eccles
2007 Images Exhibit Poster, Shoreline Arts Alliance, Guilford, CT
2007 The Carriage Barn Gallery First Honors, New Canaan
2004 Images 2004 Honorable Mention, Guilford, CT, Jurors Brian Paul Clamp, Suzanne Boorsch
2003 Art of the Northeast Keith Martin Award, Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT, Juror Harry Philbrick
2001 Images 2001 First Honors, Guilford, CT, Jurors Miles Barth, Richard S. Field, Adriene B. Hughes
2001 Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, Honorable Mention, Norwich, CT
1999 Images 1999 Honorable Mention, Guilford, CT, Jurors Evelyn Daitz, Gordon Ross Smith, Jock Reynolds
1998 Exposures 1998 Simonds Photographic Award, West Hartford Art League, West Hartford, CT
1997 Exposures 1997 Jerry Ulsaker Award, West Hartford Art League, West Hartford, CT

Solo and Two-Person Exhibits
2016 Kehler Liddell Gallery: Home Away, Home, New Haven, CT
2015 Kehler Liddell Gallery: The Whole Wide World, New Haven, CT
2015 Treetops Chamber Music Society Exhibit, Stamford, CT
2004 The Bushnell: Light and Form, Hartford, CT
2003 The Atlantic Gallery: Out Side In, Hamden, CT
2002 The Atlantic Gallery: Double Exposure, Hamden, CT
1999 The Atlantic Gallery: Greenhouse Effects, Hamden, CT
1998 RJ Cafe at RJ Julia Booksellers, Madison, CT
1997 The Atlantic Gallery: Personal Spaces, Hamden, CT

Juried and Invitational Exhibits
2017 300 George Street Gallery, New Haven, CT
2016 Kehler Liddell Gallery: Deck the Walls, New Haven, CT
2016 The Institute Library, New Haven, CT
2016 Atticus: The Pond, New Haven, CT
2016 The Sargent Gallery, Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard, MA
2016 The Gallery at Constitution Plaza, Hartford, CT (see News page)
2014 The Mill Gallery: Images 2014, Guilford, CT
2013 John Slade Ely House: New Haven Deck of Cards, New Haven, CT
2012 Silvermine Arts Center: Six Photographers, New Canaan, CT
2012 22 Haviland Street Gallery: Open House, South Norwalk, CT
2011 Kehler Liddell Gallery: Seven, Photographers, New Haven, CT
2011 Silvermine Arts Center: Crossroads, Juror Tracy Fitzpatrick, New Canaan, CT
2011 A Space Gallery: At the Edge of Things, Curator Stephen Kobasa, West Haven, CT
2011 Creative Arts Workshop: Seeing Seeing, New Haven, CT, Juror Felice Frankel
2011 Silvermine Arts Center: Art of the Northeast, New Canaan, CT Juror Tom Eccles
2011 The Mill Gallery: Images 2011, Guilford, CT, Jurors Anna Collette, Matthew Jensen, George Slade
2010 Umbrella Arts: 95 Artists, New York, NY
2010 The Mill Gallery: Images 2010, Guilford, CT, Jurors Alison Collins, Charles Hagen, David Heald
2010 Silvermine Arts Center: Inside:Out, New Canaan, CT
2009 22 Haviland Street Gallery: Design and Photography, South Norwalk, CT
2009 Kehler Liddell Gallery: Size Matters, New Haven. CT
2009 Silvermine Arts Center: Elsewhere, New Canaan, CT, Juror Melissa Harris
2009 Silvermine Arts Center: The Abstracted Eye, Wilton, CT
2009 The Mill Gallery: Images 2009, Guilford, CT, Jurors Vicky Goldberg, Daniel Goodwin, Justin Kimball
2008 22 Haviland Street Gallery: Presence: 7 Gifted in Design, South Norwalk, CT
2008 Kehler Liddell Gallery: Change, New Haven, CT
2008 Arts and Literature Laboratory (ALL): Black + White, New Haven, CT
2008 The Mill Gallery: Images 2008, Guilford, CT, Jurors Sue Brisk, John Corbett, Charles Meyer
2007 Silvermine Arts Center: Spectra 2007, New Canaan, CT, Juror Peter MacGill
2007 Carriage Barn: Photography Exhibit, New Canaan, CT
2007 The Mill Gallery: Images 2007, Guilford, CT, Jurors Ellen Carey, Denny Moers, Florence Penault
2007 – 1997 Artspace Gallery: Off the Wall, New Haven, Ct
2006 Carriage Barn: Abstraction, New Canaan, CT
2006 Westwood Gallery: National Arts Club Roundtable Exhibit, NY
2006 National Arts Club: Roundtable Exhibit, New York, NY
2006 Silvermine Arts Center: New Members Exhibit, New Canaan CT
2006 Yale Medical Arts Place: Images25 Retrospective, New Haven, CT
2006 Arts and Literature Laboratory (ALL), The Light at the End of the Tunnel, New Haven, CT
2006 The Mill Gallery: Images 2006, Guilford, CT, Jurors Ron Rosenstock, Charles Traub, Katherine Ware
2005 The Mill Gallery: Images 2005, Guilford, CT, Jurors Tim Davis, Melissa Harris, Jacqueline van Rhyn
2005 – 2004 Yale Medical ArtsPlace New Haven, CT
2004 Silvermine Guild Arts Center: Spectra 2004, New Canaan, CT , Juror Barbara Hitchcock
2004 Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts: Annual Competition, Mystic, Connecticut
2004 Mill Gallery: Images 2004, Guilford, CT, Jurors Brian Paul Clamp, Suzanne Boorsch
2003 Silvermine Guild Arts Center: Art of the Northeast, New Canaan, CT Juried by Harry Philbrick
2002 RISD|works Gallery: December Exhibit, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
2002 The Mill Gallery: Images 2002, Guilford, CT, Jurors John Cusano, Barbara Hitchcock, Benjamin Ortiz
2002 Paul Mellon Arts Center: Vision Nine, Choate-Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT
2001 Slater Memorial Museum: Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, Norwich, CT
2001 Silvermine Guild Arts Center: Spectra 2001, New Canaan, CT
2001 The Atlantic Gallery: Images Retrospective, Hamden, CT
2001 The Mill Gallery: Images 2001, Guilford, CT, Jurors Miles Barth, Richard S. Field, Adriene B. Hughes
2000 Mill Gallery: Images 2000, Guilford, CT, Jurors Laurie Kratochvil, Sal Lopes, Philip Trager
1999 The Mill Gallery: Images 1999, Guilford, CT, Jurors Evelyn Daitz, Gordon Ross Smith, Jock Reynolds
1998 Ellen Traut Collection: Photo Arts Collective and Circles Photography Collective, Hartford, CT
1998 John Slade Ely House: Collective Selections, Photo Arts Collective, New Haven, CT
1998 West Hartford Art League Gallery: Exposures 1998, West Hartford, CT
1998 The Mill Gallery: Images 1998, Guilford, CT
1997 The Mill Gallery: Images 1997, Guilford, CT, Jurors Jed Devine and Blair Rainey
1997 Woods-Gerry Gallery: Rhode Island School of Design Alumni Exhibit, Providence, RI, Boca Raton, Florida, San Francisco, California, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rhode Island School of Design, President Rosanne Somerson’s Gallery-Home, Providence, RI
Pfizer International Headquarters, New London, CT
Pfizer International Headquarters, Groton, CT
Woodstock Center for Photography, Woodstock, NY
Yale Physician’s Building, New Haven, CT
Yale Smilow Cancer Center, New Haven, CT